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Choosing the right window lock

When it comes to home security, it’s essential you pay close attention to your windows. After all, the windows of your home or workplace potentially offer burglars and intruders a point of entry. Window locks can play a vital role when it comes to the security level of your windows, as we shall see.

Why you should install window locks

Protecting your property by fitting window locks

Window Locks

The majority of new windows sold today come with some sort of lock or locking mechanism, a direct response to increased burglary levels and the movement towards better home security.

When it comes to fending off criminals, a window lock serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it acts as an obstacle for any burglar trying to enter through the window. Secondly, it serves as a deterrent; a burglar scouting a property is quickly turned off by a window with locks.

Additionally, some home insurance providers offer discounted premiums for properties with advanced security measures, including window locks, so it can be cost-effective to shore up windows.

Types of window locks

Whilst there are many makes and models of window locks available, the majority of window locks fall into one of the following categories:

  • Window latch: a window latch simply connects the window itself to the window frame, immobilising the window without the need for a key.
  • Keyed sash window lock: as included on most of today’s new windows, a keyed sash window lock, as its name suggests, uses a small key to lock the window in place. This is perhaps the most secure window lock available.
  • Sliding window lock: sliding windows are very popular with burglars do to their not typically including heavy-duty locking mechanisms. Adding a sliding window lock (which can also be used on patio and French doors) can halt the sliding mechanism and improve security.

Choosing the right window lock

The window lock that’s right for you will be dependent on what type of windows you have. For example, some locks are better suited to uPVC windows than they are wooden windows. Whether you’re property is fitted with wooden, metal, or uPVC windows, a good-quality, effective lock doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. From top brands like Yale and Chubb to own-brand products, there’s plenty of choice out there and plenty of value to be had.

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