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Inside the locksmith’s toolbox

A workman is only as good as his tools. This old adage is especially true when it comes to the locksmith trade. We’ve all heard horror stories about that person whom found themselves locked out of their house, called a so-called locksmith, and then looked on in terror as their lock/door was scratched, dented, and broken by an incompetent workman with the wrong tools.

With that in mind, here are five tools that no locksmith should be without.

1. Pick set
An obvious choice to be at the top of this list, no locksmith can work without a good pick set. There are hundreds of lock pick sets out there, some more complex than others. Strip things down to the core though and a locksmith really needs a diamond pick, rake pick, hook pick, and ball pick. Some locksmiths also opt to carry a pick gun for added speed.

2. Tension tools
Also known as a tension wrench or torsion wrench, tension tools are used in collaboration with lock picks to open a lock. They’re used to hold picked pins in place.

3. Key extractors
Extracting a broken key from a lock takes more than a paperclip, knife, or screwdriver. In fact, make the mistake of trying any of the above and you’re likely to damage the lock beyond repair. Locksmiths should always carry key extractors for damage-free retrieval.

4. Plug spinner
Locks are meant to be picked in a certain direction. A locksmith that picks the lock in the wrong direction shouldn’t lose hope though, especially if he carries a plug spinner, a device that can flip picked locks in the right direction without the need to re-pick.

5. Flashlight / scope
A lot of emergency locksmith work is undertaken at night time, making a flashlight (or head-mounted flashlight) essential. Experienced locksmiths know that looking at a lock with the naked eye can be tricky, thus opting to carry a mini-telescope with them.

Other toolbox treasures
A locksmith should never be limited to the tools of his trade. In addition to those tools listed above, his toolbox should also include a drill, wedge, tweezers, key gauges, and, essentially, a good set of screwdrivers. A good selection of locks and keys wouldn’t go amiss either.

Premier Locksmiths Ltd. is proud to deliver a first class locksmith service. Each of our locksmiths has undergone rigorous training and has a fully-stocked toolbox at the ready. Whether you need help with a damaged lock, broken key, or any other security feature, we’re here to provide professional assistance.

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