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Choosing the right safe for your home or office

Whether you’re looking for a home safe or something suitable for the workplace, choosing the right safe is essential. The right safe can secure your belongings, provide data protection, and generally improve loss prevention. The wrong safe can leave you high and dry.

Here’s a look at some of the basic safe types available to you:

Deposit safe
This basic-style safe is designed to allow numerous parties to deposit items (cash, paperwork, jewellery) through an opening in the safe but restricts the number of parties with access to the door itself. This is suitable for shops and restaurants.

Fireproof safe
Fireproof safes are designed to protect paperwork from flames and smoke, thus making it suitable for storing important documentation (title deeds, will, financial records). The length of time a fireproof safe can withstand fire varies depending on the quality of the equipment.

Waterproof safe
Whereas fireproof safes withstand fire, waterproof safes are designed to be airtight and water resistant. This type of safe is ideal for those living or working on the flood plain.

Data safe
Certain electronic devices (mobile phone, tablet, laptop computer, data hard drive) are susceptible to hot and cold temperatures. Data safes are designed to withstand out-of-the-ordinary temperatures, thus providing a safe haven for digital equipment.

Other types of safe
In addition to the safes listed above, numerous other purpose-specific devices are available on the open market. These include: gun safes, key safes, filing cabinet safes, post lockers, and more.

Extra precautions
While safes undeniably offer a good level of security, you can never be too…well, safe. In order to give yourself an added safety boost, we recommend that you either mount you safe on a wall or bolt it to the ground. If possible, an in-floor safe – one that is dug into a building’s foundations – is recommended.

Which safe is right for you?
When it comes to choosing a safe that is right for you, never cut corners. Take the time to evaluate your circumstances and ensure you take everything into account. Consider the level of security you require (your business is likely to need a more secure safe than your home) and your set-up (can you bolt the safe to your floor?). Then decide on a lock that works for you (digital, rotary, or key). Finally, consider what your budget allows for and whether a costly investment is needed or if a less-expensive option would be better for you.

Still not sure which safe is right for you?

Premier Locksmiths Ltd. can help you choose a safe that is suitable for you requirements. We are able to supply and install a wide range of safes from top manufacturers, including: Burton, Chubb, Fire King, and more.

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